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Monday, November 14, 2005

Reiki Tummo : Way for your health


Rei Ki is an ancient natural healing method. It uses a very powerful, yet gentle energy that can easily be used by channeling. Channeling with Rei Ki is very easy - a practitioner needs only to be relaxed. While learning and channeling Rei Ki is very easy, Rei Ki gives wonderful results. Rei Ki works well for physical, emotional and mental problems.


* Improve health
* Reduce stress and tensions
* Balance and amplify energy
* Heal different physical, emotional and mental problems.
* Enhance intuition and awareness
* Improve skin complexion & postpone ageing process
* Improve the quality of sleep
* Prevention of sickness at early stage
* Protection against negative influence
* Cure addiction on liquor, smoke, drug, etc.
* Materialization

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