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Friday, January 20, 2006

Game is the most wanted feature on cellphone

According to survey done by Sprint, one third of cellphone users play game through theire cellphone.

This Survey take samples from registered cellphone user in the US. The result, 57 % of mobile gamers mostly play game while in the waiting room, 52 % while travelling, 37 % while in the airport. And 32 % of respondent say that they often play game while in the toilet.

Meanwhile, 56 % of respondents want more feature on the cellphone, like clock, calendar, music, game, camera also cellphone that glow in the dark.

Sprint notices that gamers interest of mobile game is increasing. For example, one of the customers has played Bejeweled Multiplayer for more than 40.000 times. Crazyy! This is the same as playing game for 2.000 hours. Bejeweled is a very popular puzzle game.

Beside game feature, 29 % of respondent say need camera feature while for television or video clip only takes 8 %.


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