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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Controlling devices with your mind

London, Would you like to move mouse cursor, opening email, and controlling robotic equipment only with your mind ? Even this is like a dream but scientists believe this technology could be done.

American scientists will change that dream into reality. Someday they will do implantation on paralyze person's brain so that they can use their mind to control things.

And How is it done? BrainGate Neural Interface System, a tiny equipment contain about 100 electrode will be implanted onto cerebellum, part of the brain which controlling body movements.

After that, this electronic equipment capable of controlling movement of electronic equipments. By getting signal directly from neuron, which then translated into digital codes and sent to computer.

Those scientists ask Matthew Nagle, 25 years old man who paralyze from neck to feet to test this system.

"This is a beginning of a clinical test to help paralyze people", said Leigh Hochberg, from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Matthew himself is one of four patient who will test this system made by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems Inc. in Massachusetts.


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