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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mandriva Linux 2006 Free released!

Now's the time for everyone who's not a Club member or not ready to
buy a Mandriva pack yet - the free edition of Mandriva Linux 2006

Mandriva Linux 2006 Free, is now available! Free is both 100% free /
open source software and downloadable at no charge. Because it's 100%
free / open source software it's also freely redistributable - this is
the edition to use to introduce your friends to Mandriva! Free is a
fully functional and comprehensive distribution which comes on three
CDs or one DVD and can be supplemented with all the packages from our
public mirror sites. The community Easy URPMI website can help you to
access packages from the public mirrors through Mandriva's easy
package management tools. Mandriva Linux 2006 features easy desktop
search, our new interactive firewall, improved wireless network
roaming, and updated versions of all your favourite tools and
applications, including kernel 2.6.12, KDE 3.4, GNOME 2.10 and more!
Remember, the commercial versions of Mandriva Linux 2006 include more
packages on the CDs / DVDs and extra commercial software, including
applications, plugins and drivers, which is not available on the Free
edition. Club members can download commercial versions of Mandriva
Linux 2006, and also have exclusive access to GNOME 2.12 and
OpenOffice 2.0 packages.

With official support for Intel's Centrino mobile technology, the
newest versions of popular applications, and advanced tools such as
the Interactive Firewall, Mandriva 2006 empowers everyone to start
the year with the next step for Linux.

Discovery/Lx is the product resulting from convergence between
Mandriva and Lycoris technology. With a new look and feel, a new
theme, a new set of icons and better ergonomics, Discovery/Lx is the
ideal product for beginners looking to switch to Linux.

Buy a pack from the Mandriva Store or join the Club to get access to
these commercial editions! To download Mandriva Linux 2006 Free today,
visit the downloads page http://store.mandriva.com.


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