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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy 50'th Birtday Hard Drive

California, On September 13, Hard Drive is 50 years old, to celebrate it's birthday IBM and Hitachi show their products in Computer History Museum at Mountain View, California.

In 1956 , for the first time IBM introduced magnetic hard drive IBM 305 Random Access Method of Accounting and Control (RAMAC).

This Hard Drive marked the end of punch card era and magnetic drum as main storage media.

At that time RAMAC storage capacity is only 5 MB (yuuck) with 50 disc , where each disc has diameter size 24 inch (thank God We dont use it anymore). This hardware size itself is about twice as big as large fridge and wight several tons (what a massive crazy hard drive).

According to IBM Vice President Storage Portfolio Management division said, the price of that hardware is about US$ 50.000. Today storage capacity has increased almost 70 times, with smaller size.

This time Seagate Technology has launch 750 GB Hard Drive (Now We're talking).

With big capacity, they claim that user will be able to store huge massive data. Seagate said, this Hard Drive is able to store 15.000 songs, 15,000 photos, 50 hours movie, 50 pc games, and 25 DVD film and still remaining 300 GB for other computers data. Woow


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