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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quit gaming addiction by hi-tech hipnotism

Gaming addictions are hard to quit, especially when you don't want to quit, Xtive a Korean company might just have the answer for it.

Xtive has developed an inaudible sound which only intended for gamer's subconcious to hear it. According to Xtive president, Yun Yun-hae, "We incorporated messages into an acoustic sound wave telling gamers to stop playing. The messages are told 10, 000 to 20, 000 times per second. Game users can't recognize the sounds. But their subconscious is aware of them and the chances are high they will quit playing."

They have run many tests which have good results. Actually this project initiated by game addiction that becoming big problem in Korea. Yun-hae adds that forcing kids to quit have their obvious side effects. The sound sequence can make them stop on their own. Xtive plans to commercialize their technology with help from their government and game companies. Game developers can install the system by themselves, this sound will be played when the gamer has played more than a certain period of time.

This sound like hypnotism to me, don't you ?


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