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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 years old kid found porn in brand new PSP

psp Florida - Eliso Tovar, 6 years old kid is clearly happy to get a prize game console PlayStation Portable (PSP) from their parents. But how surprised when the kid want to play this PSP for the first time.
How not? When playing it, Tovar even see picture of naked woman in this brand new PSP screensaver. Tovar run to mommy, Tamatha, while crying fear of mommy’s anger.
Tamatha not less shock because in the new PSP she have purchased there is a memory card that contains hundreds of photos not profanity. Tamatha also immediately contact the retail Wal Mart where she purchased the PSP to request explanations.
Spokesperson for Wal Mart says will investigate this incident. Meanwhile, Tamatha demand new PSP and apology.


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