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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mandriva Linux Globetrotter 2.0 released!

Many of you will remember Globetrotter, the innovative portable Mandriva system.
Globetrotter is a customised version of Mandriva Linux on a portable
hard drive. Plug it into any PC that can boot from a USB device and
access your own Linux desktop! A boot CD is also provided so you can
boot the system on PCs which cannot boot from a USB disk.
Now version 2.0 of the Globetrotter is available.
Globetrotter 2.0 is based on a newer version of Mandriva and comes in
higher capacities than the original Globetrotter - 40GB and 80GB
versions are available. You can read more about Globetrotter 2.0, and
buy one from the Mandriva Store today!


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