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Monday, July 02, 2007

AMD Launch Opteron Quad Core Chip

After a long wait, finally AMD launch Quad Core Opteron processor, which AMD hopes can fix its financial condition and also fight againts its rival, Intel.

AMD claims this processor as the first x86 processor that uses 4 cores in a chip, But this processor will be available in 2 GHz clock speed.

AMD said that its performance will increase up to 70% for database application than the previous dual core.

AMD claims its Direct Connect Architecture feature has faster bandwidth that Front-side Bus Architecture used by Intel. Added with PowerNow technology this processor will be more energy saver.

Newsfactor said that Sun Microsystems has displayed a supercomputes named Constellation System that powered by 15.000 AMD quad core chip as the first tester.

Standard version and low energy version will be release on upcoming August.

But AMD doesn't say anything about the price of this new Barcelona chip.


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