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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 years old kid found porn in brand new PSP

psp Florida - Eliso Tovar, 6 years old kid is clearly happy to get a prize game console PlayStation Portable (PSP) from their parents. But how surprised when the kid want to play this PSP for the first time.
How not? When playing it, Tovar even see picture of naked woman in this brand new PSP screensaver. Tovar run to mommy, Tamatha, while crying fear of mommy’s anger.
Tamatha not less shock because in the new PSP she have purchased there is a memory card that contains hundreds of photos not profanity. Tamatha also immediately contact the retail Wal Mart where she purchased the PSP to request explanations.
Spokesperson for Wal Mart says will investigate this incident. Meanwhile, Tamatha demand new PSP and apology.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Dare to steal Laptop from UK Elite Force

sasLondon - elite special forces of UK origin, SAS (Special Air Service), can also lost laptop. Yes, they were shocked with the loss of a laptop containing the info about SAS members following their secret training patterns.
Quoted from United Press International, on Tuesday (14/4/2009), when the laptop is gone when SAS is in intensive training in the UK.
The British Ministry of Defense try to calm the public stated that a laptop does not contain sensitive content, such as military operations that will be conducted by SAS.
However a source claims that laptop indeed contain many important files on the identity of SAS members following their pattern of practice to counter terrorism. Feared if falling into the hands of the criminals, the information is misused so will endanger the security of SAS.

Microbot claimed to be the first in the world

microbot Toronto, Canada - The Canadian researchers developed a home-sized robot is very small or micro-aircraft that can hover in the air. Claimed, the type of robot is the first in the world.
Prototypes of robots that built in Waterloo University can be moved to different objects accurately. The researchers utilize magnetic fields to make the robots move.

Referred to MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), this tiny robots have various benefits. For example, to bring small object when building up certain engine, take a sample or even biological research medical operations.
"We are the first in the world to develop a robot with a technology like this," claims Behrad Khamesee, one of the creators.
Khamesse said that the robot can be controlled remotely by the laser technology. The robot will be useful to explore the area dangerous to humans.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Fish Robot to detect Pollution in the Ocean

fishdlm London – A group of sophisticated robot ready to roam in the ocean to detect pollution. But the author may need the alert so this expensive robot is not catched by fishermen because they look like real fish.

AFP, the fish robot is made by the researchers in the UK and will be operated in Spain.
With length 1.5 meters, the robot provided detectors to identify the sources of marine pollution, such as ships, oil tankers or chemicals in the water. The robots cost around 20,000 Pounds Sterling per unit.

This Robots that can operate independently and is designed to explore the ocean within a few months. Take about 3 years for the researchers at Essex University to do so.
Professor Huosheng Hu as one of inventor states that a robot is expected to prevent the spread of pollution to track the source. If the experiment is successful, the robot will be used in various parts of the world to do the same mission