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Monday, November 26, 2007

Indonesia's Root Man or Tree Man ?

This poor man got very strange disease, in Indonesia this matter become an issue because of American Scientist took blood sample from this ill man without permission from Health Ministry of Indonesia.
Indonesia's goverment plan to protest US goverment about this exploitation.
The Scientist and Discovery Channel only pay this poor man U$ 500, instead of funds to cure his disease, What an exploitation.. grrr.
Health Ministry of Indonesia said they will support all the medication needed by this man, although nobody knows how to cure this strange illness.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Need a Flying Car ?

If you do, you can take a look at terrafuga's flying car called Transition®. The Transition® is a roadable Light-Sport Aircraft that will be able to land at the airport, fold up its wings, and drive on the road.
While on the ground, Transition® folds its wing and run like an ordinary car with its 100 hp engine and if you feel bored to see the road, you can simply unfold the wings with a push of a button, take off and fly as fast as 115 mph at 75% of its power, of course you need at least 520 m of clear runaway to take off.
Interested ? Well just prepare $148,000.00 on the table and reserve for it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

FIFA will use Smart Ball on 2010 World Cup

FIFA will try to use new chip implanted in the football called 'Smart Ball'.
There are 4 sensors that will be placed around the goal and a chip implanted in the ball.
When a smart ball crosses the goal line, an encrypted message will be sent to the referee and he will surely knows that the ball has crosses the line nodoubt.
FIFA plans to use this smart ball technology on 2010 World Cup.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What some nice looking, 8 Wonders of The Gadget

Nokia 888 Communicator
Nokia definitely has the most interesting concept phones. Nokia 888 Communicator is a striking futuristic concept phone. The phone, which uses liquid batteries, speech recognition, flexible touchscreen and touch-sensitive body cover,is designed by Tamer Nakisci and won the Nokia Design Award.

Nokia Aeon
Nokia Aeon was presented by Nokia on their website in the Research & Development section. What is so great about this phone is that it looks like it will actually go into production next February. Of course, its just a rumor, but still, makes us hope to actually see it someday in the GSM shop. All we know about it for now is that its a touchscreen phone and it looks fantastic.

Sky "Sleak n Slim"
"Sleek & Slim" from SKY is another concept based on touchscreen technology. The phone has a discretely glowing touchpad, hideaway keys and generally utterly-fashionable minimalist design.

Benq-Siemes "Snaked"
Benq designers thought of women too and presented Snaked. This is a "reptile" looking phone, creepy somehow, but still is very cool. The Snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women, because it also has body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep those fine shapes.

What You See is What You Get Concept
One thing is for sure about this concept phonethey could've named it shorter. Designed by Pei-Hua Hang, the phone's name comes from the fact that this concept no longer uses an LCD as viewfinder for the digital camera, instead it uses a transparent frame. And of course, interaction is made through a touchscreen.

Retroxis By Dark Label
If most phones presented here will never be sold in store for sure, the Retroxis concept phone from Dark Label looks kinda human, and makes us hope we'll be able to get one of these one day. Designed by Lim Sze Tat the phone is encased in high polished polycarbonate renowned for its lightweight and toughness and has an invisible OLED display that silently hides away when inactive.

Benq-Siemens "The Blackbox"
Black Box designed by Benq-Siemens uses a touch screen as its keypad and, depending on the functions you are using, the touch screen changes the control layout immediately.

Somehow similar to the Snaked concept, the NEC Tag is a flexible phone concept that can be , for example, hung from a belt or wrapped around the user's arm. Interesting is that the phone has shape-memorizing material and sensors that allows the phone to change its shape according to the mode.

Do you wanna have one or all of them ?