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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mandriva announces Corporate Server 4.0

Mandriva launches Corporate Server 4.0, a full, open solution that will let you deploy servers in any environment in just a few minutes.

With Corporate Server 4.0, Mandriva enables its current and future customers in all types of enterprise to benefit from the best of Linux along with the best of Mandriva for the administration and integration of servers.

In designing this all new version, Mandriva's team have
retained all the features that made version 3.0 a success while adding
more strong points:

Corporate Server 4.0 has been designed to be modular and customizable.
The configuration process is particularly easy to put to work thanks
to FIBRIC. Even better, the complete CS4 installation process takes
less than 10 minutes. CS4 works on a wide range of servers. The
Mandriva team has adapted CS4 to support a variety of important
enterprise software including Oracle, Websphere, DB2 and Arkeia.

Mandriva believes that no single virtualization software covers all
the needs of all users, so we have decided to offer a wide choice of
virtualization technologies, including VMware, Xen and OpenVZ.
Mandriva has also made sure that connecting to the most popularly used
directory servers (Active Directory, LDAP) is as simple as possible.

Finally, CS4 will be afforded not only security maintenance but also
development maintenance. In this way, system administrators can
continue to benefit from the best open source technology.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy 50'th Birtday Hard Drive

California, On September 13, Hard Drive is 50 years old, to celebrate it's birthday IBM and Hitachi show their products in Computer History Museum at Mountain View, California.

In 1956 , for the first time IBM introduced magnetic hard drive IBM 305 Random Access Method of Accounting and Control (RAMAC).

This Hard Drive marked the end of punch card era and magnetic drum as main storage media.

At that time RAMAC storage capacity is only 5 MB (yuuck) with 50 disc , where each disc has diameter size 24 inch (thank God We dont use it anymore). This hardware size itself is about twice as big as large fridge and wight several tons (what a massive crazy hard drive).

According to IBM Vice President Storage Portfolio Management division said, the price of that hardware is about US$ 50.000. Today storage capacity has increased almost 70 times, with smaller size.

This time Seagate Technology has launch 750 GB Hard Drive (Now We're talking).

With big capacity, they claim that user will be able to store huge massive data. Seagate said, this Hard Drive is able to store 15.000 songs, 15,000 photos, 50 hours movie, 50 pc games, and 25 DVD film and still remaining 300 GB for other computers data. Woow

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Colorful New Ipod Nano

May be you are bored with black Ipod Nano, well Apple releases Colored Ipod Nano to meet your wish.
This new Ipod is slimmer and smaller, with aluminium case it comes in blue, pink, green, silver and of course black.
2 GB model is only come in silver and 8 GB only in black, while for 4 GB they have silver, pink, green and blue.
Beside slimmer and smaller this new model has brighter display.

Apple iTV video streaming gadget

Apple announces iTV. Connect this movie player onto your TV and you can watch movie from internet, It has ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to stream movie from iTunes website. Apple said this gadget will be launch in 2007.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

www.IE7.com offering Firefox

When you see this domain name, do you think that Microsoft offering Firefox ?
Hmm it's kind of weird isn't it that Microsoft would do such thing.

Well the answer is No, If you enter this site and click that big Firefox logo you will end up Mozzilla Firefox site.
Mozzila denied that they have involved in this domain name, while Microsoft hasn't said anything about this.

Microsoft just recently launch Internet Explorer Release Candidate 1 on 24 August , And not a long time ago Mozilla just launch Firefox Beta 2 on 31 Agust.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hackers Steal AT&T Customers' Credit Card Data

AT&T revealed that hackers were able to steal credit card and other personal information belonging to some 19,000 customers of its online store.

Computer hackers stole the credit card information and some personal data of approximately 19,000 customers who purchased DSL equipment via AT&T's online store. Subscribers to its service, though, were not affected.

The theft occurred over the weekend, AT&T said, and is currently under investigation by authorities.

The company is offering to pay for credit monitoring services for customers who were affected by the security breach.

"We recognize that there is an active market for illegally obtained personal information. We are committed to both protecting our customers' privacy and to weeding out and punishing the violators," said Priscilla Hill-Ardoin, AT&T's chief privacy officer.

Companies have been separated from their customers' data in a myriad of ways over the last few years. Some organizations have lost data when laptops containing identifying information were lost or stolen. Other firms most notably data broker Choicepoint have been duped into handing over customer data; in Choicepoint's case, customer data was actually faxed to identity thieves posing as clients.

Hack attacks, such as the one against AT&T, are particulary worrisome because often in these cases, even if the company does everything right, its systems may still be vulnerable.

"Stories like this make the public a little wary of conducting business online," Ron O'Brien, senior security consultant for Sophos , told TechNewsWorld. "At the same time though, it is a wake-up call for the vendor to make sure its method of collecting data is completely secure."