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Thursday, December 15, 2005

New DirectX 10 for Gamers

All gamers may all happy as Microsoft releasing DirectX 10 for public. Not only pre - Direct3D 10 Microsoft also releasing 326 MB new version of developer tools available for download.

This Kit armed with several tools including Microsoft Windows Game Explorer. With this feature game developers can add auto-update and parent control onto their game.

Microsoft will only ship DirectX 10 dan DirectX 9 on their new Operating System, Windows Vista. as they willing to use both kit simultaneously.

But, unfortunedly users can not access all features and advantages of DirectX. Why ? According to Developers of Direct3D and OpenGL Microsoft, Rudolph Balaz, DirectX 10 will only run fully on new Windows Vista Operating System.

Windows XP can not support DirectX 10. Microsoft will launch DirectX 9 on the end of next year for Windows Vista, they said it is compatible with all graphic cards.

DirectX Software Development Kit also contain updates for tools, utilities, samples, documentations and runtime debug for x64 and x86 platform. Also pre-release tools Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation and Managed Direct Code (2.0 CLR).


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